Tuesday, September 14

back to school and shit

yes, i started yet another blog on another site-let me know if you want it, its just my humor prose..
i am back to school, and have no time 3 days of school 2 days of clinical
and right now my hands are purple from gram staining..

Monday, August 23


my soul is really angry..

Tuesday, August 17

i'm a bitch

seriously i am, this has come to my attention. I just dont like the world.
again, excuse me, i am getting readjusted to medication or physical absence from it.
it's better to be a hobbit.

Friday, July 23

medicated and french fried...

realized today, that if I miss a dose of my medication, I become bizarre, and tend to hate, or loath most of humanity.
because of this I am officially 'french fried', meaning that I am a pill popping american, who can't stand society unless I take my happy little pills..
I get to meet with my head doctor, she will most likely up my dose, because I am still anxiety ridden, especially before bed- it takes me for ever to fall asleep, and again here I am popping natural herbs to fall asleep, now staying asleep for a whole night, is something I am trying to work on.
sometimes i wish things were legal here in Ohio, and if I consume it I won't lose my placement in my program..

Wednesday, July 21

i'm done

after therapy yesterday, I realize I been holding onto friendship's that are not healthy for me. I realize I have grown, or have different values, then those who I may of been close to in the pass. I use to say, I will always be there, but this time is my time to say no.
sorry for my parting, but it's my turn to walk away..

Monday, June 14

its hot...and

its hot and i am stressed, dont know where life is going to take me next...
should i stay in school, or find a job, and what job will, and can i find. oh i just want some peace of mine. been smoking to much, and stomach in knots, can't concentrate on shit, dont know where to go, or where to......

Friday, May 21


things are well on the fence line. This term of school has been difficult, I thought I was going ok. But I have an incomplete in my chemistry class. She needs to see me improve my competency in lab. did I say I was a nervous reck? a non focusing zombie?